A couple of random thoughts, or the one where it’s one year on

Today is April 29th – exactly one year since Rav and I landed back in England after 193 days of Latin American travel and a truly horrendous flight back from Bolivia (that bit missed getting into the blog, but it involved intense turbulence and a plane which must have come from the early days of long haul flights). I had said in my last post on here that I might do some kind of summary end piece once I got back, but to be honest I was too busy enjoying the luxury of a power shower and sleeping alone in my own room and never really got round to it. So here I am one year on, and thinking about what effects the trip had on me.

The first…
… and last images on my SD card

It’s a different experience, writing this blog from home. I have a laptop to write it on which is about a million times easier than doing it from my tiny tablet, and am so distant from the other entries both in time and space. In a way though, I can’t believe that a whole year has passed and how much has happened in that time.

TBT the most tanned I ever was or will be

Obviously looking back on my blog I miss lots of parts of my big holiday. Mainly: the fact that it was a big holiday. We did so much great stuff just continuously, and got to see one of the most amazing parts of the world. It’s easy when the weather gets weirdly cold and London is crazy expensive to wish yourself away to a Caribbean beach with 50p mojitos. Time and social media also do this great thing where you don’t need to remember any bits where you felt exhausted or ill or homesick and just all the bits where you are whizzing through the Amazon on a canoe.

Remembering when this was our lives

Life is still exciting though. In the past year I have got a job I love, moved to London, had various holidays where I chilled out in the Algarve, partied in Amsterdam, flailed down mountains in Val Thorens and generally lived pretty non-stop. This is more and more feeling like a lame post as I write it, but I do think that the travelling was more than just a fun lark about seeing great stuff (which to a big extent it was) and that it has encouraged me to be more adventurous in my life. Plus it did my Spanish a hell of a lot of good too.

Check us out, still being mates

I can’t see myself doing such an extended bit of travel again for some time, but still have tons on my imaginary bucket list. And I still highly recommend Central and South America to anyone who wants to go somewhere exciting, varied, and beautiful. Hopefully I will be back some day!

To end it, here is a thing I made in the long days of unemployment just after coming back. Again it’s fairly lame but I do like treating myself to some nostalgia every now and then


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