Lima, or the one where I am too tired from bus journeys to do much more than a photoblog

The journey from Ecuador to Peru was a bit of an arduous one, but we were definitely feeling ready for a change of country. From Cuenca we took a day bus to Loja, where we spent the night in what seemed like hospital beds in the interestingly named ‘Residences Londres’ (no similarity to London noticed by us), and basically didn’t do much except wander around and have a couple of nice cocktails. It was a pretty town but not much there.

The next day is where it got fun (not). Back on a long (10hr) bus again, this time crossing the border in the boiling heat I’d definitely lost acclimatisation to in the Highlands and taking the long road down to Piura, a dusty little city on the edge of the Peruvian desert. From here, after traipsing around for ATMs and a bus company (sadly a lot of Peru is not equipped with the convenient bus terminals we had become used to), we got on yet another bus, this time 17 hours, on to Lima. The one saving grace of this one was that Peru do some luxury buses, so we paid the bit extra for a first class downstairs seat which reclined to 160 degrees. It’s still trying to sleep on a bus, but it’s an improvement and the road was at least pretty straight.

In Lima there is a lot of traffic. We spent an hour at least just in the city getting to the bus stop. But it’s not surprising there are so many cars given that the city is home  to a third of the whole country’s population! Just crazy! After a but of faff finding a hostel after our initial option was full, we settled in the popular and upmarket Miraflores area, which was pretty nice.

Peru already seemed much more ‘american’ than Ecuador, with lots more chains around and more Starbucks than we’d seen since leaving England. Actually probably the first we’d seen since Costa Rica in all its Americanised glory. It didn’t really take away from the appeal though, I actually really liked Lima. It was big and lively, and had beautiful old areas as well as the convenient and comforting new ones. I’m going to do this Lima part of the blog mainly as pictures, as nothing ‘story-worthy’ really occurred but there were plenty of nice bits and pieces. So here we are:

Bus ticket to Loja - bus companies keep reading our passports wrong...
There's a park in Lima that's full of cats. We don't know why
Who knew we'd be this close to the sea in the city?
Pretty full on statue
We saw a wedding at this cathedral - must have been someone important
Fountain fun
Skulls and bones in the catacombs
Our first pisco sours, national drink of Peru. Seriously, o my one and we were drunk
We ate some ridiculously good/fancy food because that's how we like to spend our money
Also the restaurant was next to these fab pre incan ruins
Best dessert ever. Food pics aplenty

So that’s some snapshots of our time in Lima. Will probably be writing more for the next one which is Cusco, featuring guest stars both of our mums and Rav’s aunt! The reason I’ve gone so behind with the blog is we were just so busy over all this time, but hopefully will catch up with it soon 🙂


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