Puerto Viejo, or the one with the best room in the house

9th-13th December 2015
Puerto Viejo is going to be a place of few words, mainly because it was great and we had a generally great time there. It’s a little town on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, about 4/5 hours from San José, and is surrounded by huge jungles and banana plantations making for a very scenic ride.

Back by the Caribbean

We didn’t get off to the best start, the hostel we’d wanted to stay in being full (we were delayed in getting there by some accidents on the road on the way) and we had to wander the town to find another. We usually have backups in mind though if we haven’t booked, and managed to come across one we’d seen advertised in our previous hostel. This at first also didn’t seem like we were going to have any luck – the last dorm beds had just been filled. The guy working there showed us some tent space they had available (literally just a tent in the middle of the common area) which we weren’t keen on after our long day travelling. At the last minute though he showed us the last private room available, apparently ‘the best room in the house’ and wow was it amazing. A huge bed, sea view and balcony, and two fans, we were sold on it even if it was a few more dollars a night than a dorm bed (and really only just).

No need to even leave bed
Live music outside from the balcony

It was totally worth it, and we managed to get some great rest there (not at night as there was a bar/restaurant right beneath us which was loud til around 2am, but it was a good place to be lazy), plus it is sometimes good not to be in a dorm once in a while. We felt very indulgent but it was a really good few days.

Balcony party

I’m just going to do a quick little summary and the rest of this will probably just be pictures, as it mainly was just a relaxing stop where we didn’t do any excursions or tours, but just got to enjoy the place. It was pretty small, just a few residential roads surrounded by a main strip by the beach and a road with some restaurants through town. The rest was locals, or places rented a bit longer term by travellers. We spent our days mainly trying to stay cool, eating great food (seriously we ate amazingly well), and reading, and our nights on the balcony or in the bar below us on the beach, having very forward local men try to dance with us. Our most adventurous day took us 10 minutes down the road to Playa Negra, a black sand beach which was practically empty and very beautiful. The sand was bizarre and magnetic so pretty cool, and the waves were fun to have a dip in, although they were pretty ferocious and one stole my sunglasses 😦 R.I.P. my Roy-Boys.

Black sand and jungle, with barely a person in sight
Rav left her legs in the sun too long
The waves got pretty intense

We stayed a good few days, and both really enjoyed the place. Surrounded by blue sea and lush jungle, you can’t really go wrong. It was a short time in Costa Rica, but a good one thanks to getting back to the laid back Caribbean vibes we’d left in Belize


One thought on “Puerto Viejo, or the one with the best room in the house

  1. Hi girls thanks for the update. Wow magnetic sand what fun you can have with that. It is unusually warm here 14 c and a few days before Christmas. Glad you are well rested and well fed. Keep safe


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