San Juan del Sur, or the one in which we don’t party in the party town

2nd-5th December 2015

We’d kind of reached a point at the end of Ometepe where we wanted to move on from Nicaragua, but didn’t really know where to go. We were still tired and lacking wifi, so couldn’t easily make onward plans. Our next choice of stop therefore, was made by recommendation of a girl in our Ometepe dorm who suggested we burn some days in the beach town of San Juan del Sur (still in Nicaragua) where we could recharge before Costa Rica, where we would have to be a bit more organised as it’s a much pricier country.

Ometepe, we would have enjoyed you so much more if we'd not been half asleep

The journey was once again tiring and an absolute faff. The ferry we wanted to take was broken, so we had to wait in a big crowd for a much smaller boat onto which we were squished and left an hour and a half later than we’d hoped to go. We got a cheap connection from the port of San Jorge to the bus terminal in Rivas, but then had to wait for ages in a boiling hot bus which, once it finally set off, took almost two hours to cover 17km in distance as it was so slow. With no air con this was not pleasant at all. Another set back was that as the bus drove past the hostel we’d planned to stay at, we realised it was well out of town. We therefore decided we’d pick a new place in town as otherwise we’d be having to get a taxi all the time as the roads out there were not terribly safe.

San Juan del Sur

Luckily, San Juan turned out to be a great place to get the rest we needed. As a small town with a small beach there’s not much to do there (you can get buses out to nicer beaches but we didn’t need that kind of effort in our lives), so we could lie around in bed/on rocking chairs and do nothing and start to properly recuperate. So we didn’t do that much.

Pretty much nothing to see in town. This church was ok.

The beach is nice enough, but nothing special. We had a drink at one of the bars there and walked along it for a look. The bay is pretty, and has lots of little boats in it. The whole lot is overlooked by a Jesus statue on the hill. You can climb up there if you’re feeling energetic and the view is meant to be great, but you can probably tell what our feeling towards that was given all the exhaustion. The view was fine from the beach.

Drinks at the beach, having a whale of a time
Jesus looks over the town

Mainly, San Juan is a party town. We avoided going to what we had heard were the main party hostels (Surfing Donkey and Pachamama) as we wanted some sleep, and didn’t really head out too much. We went to a ladies night for some free drinks one night, but for a bar with absolutely free drinks it was weirdly empty, and we didn’t stay too long. On our last night though we went to a Canadian bar called the Loose Moose across the road from our hostel for a few drinks and that had a much more fun vibe, with ice hockey on the TV and weirdly a bunch of drunk northern men in dresses requesting Justin Bieber and dancing in the tiny, hot bar. There was a lot of Justin Bieber. Although they had a ‘Justin Bieber assassination fund’ tip jar,  the bar staff were happy to play a bunch of his songs (and yet reject requests for Taylor Swift).

The Loose Moose was def the place for all the gringos to gather (and rightly so, it was good fun)

Again staying out late wasn’t really on the cards though. Mainly because we were still hugely tired (a running theme at the moment) but going out is strange when it’s just the two of you anyway. The big groups seemed to be having a fab time though. We’ll have to save our partying for when we’re with a few more people. The rest of our time was chilled out. Had an ice cream, did some window shopping, ate some great ceviche. Much needed. Plus the end of Nicaragua! Our next planned trip was all the way to San José in Costa Rica, but were we rested enough to make that journey? I will let you know in my next blog (spoiler, answer is no, be prepared for more of me writing that I am tired).


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