Granada and Ometepe, or the one where there is no blog

29th Nov – 2nd Dec 2015
As I said, there’s no blog for Granada (where we spent one night) or Ometepe (where we spent three). I took approximately 3 pictures in this whole time, and both Rav and I reached a stage of collective exhaustion. It’s easy to just talk about the great things on this blog, but it’s not an 100% accurate view of our time. Although obviously we do a ton of amazing stuff and are pretty lucky with how great it has mostly been, travelling is in its own way hard work (please let me know how unsympathetic you are with this…).

I do however have a vague need for completeness, and so I thought I’d put this in as a placeholder for that time as some random bonus material.

The night we were in Granada I was feeling particularly grumpy, and decided to make a list entitled ‘things I am tired of’. I found it funny to look back on even the next day, but equally I think it gives a good overview of the less fun side of travelling. I therefore release it with the slight worry of looking very whiny in what is by all means a great place to be:

Things I am tired of
Being tired
Being hot
Watching my money/being on a budget
Moving on
No privacy
Terrible showers
Dirty clothes
Same clothes all the time
Uncomfortable beds
Making decisions
Effort involved in finding food
Being dehydrated
Being sociable
Missing friends
Not understanding what people say
People not understanding what I say
Adjusting to new places
Constantly changing currency
Being terrible at navigation
Self consciousness
Top bunks
Feeling worried about things
The time difference
Feeling unfit
Tired brain

Its a cheery list… I was definitely in a bad mood at the time. And a definite mixture of things which are important and ongoing and random feelings that whatever place we are in spurs on. Even a short time later it is strange to look back on. Some things continue to be an annoyance all the time (I never get used to the currency and lack of clean clothes is a continual bother minus the few days post laundry day), while others come and go (heat and mosquito levels change regularly), and some are even a positive at other times (usually I love exploring a new place, being a bit sociable, and badly communicating in spanish). 

Blog will resume as normal once I’ve written about San Juan del Sur, our next location and a place of much more happiness and returned energy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Granada and Ometepe, or the one where there is no blog

  1. My favourite blog post yet! It ranks with Rav’s taxi rant ( as the best emotional outpouring to date. I have to apologise for the ‘Being terrible at navigation’ one, I think you might have got that from me! It is going to get hard at times but I’m sure that the highs and the lows will both add fantastic memories to your journey. I’ve just bunged you a few quid (I’m not sure what that equates to in zapotas or whatever the latest currency is) to get a hotel room or a slap up feed whenever you need it. This comment comes from Inverness, which as the crow flies is a long way away (and frankly too far for the poor crow). Keep strong Hazzy Bash (& Rav) xx


  2. Hiya – I am going to write a similar list – last weeks commute into London was horrible! up at 6 am and home at 7pm. Every time you feel fed up think of what you might be doing in the UK… that will cheer you up and put it into perceptive. As Joe says do treat yourselves every now and then – a nicer hotel or posh meal.
    Love Billie


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